What is happening in Ladakh?

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He is the real Phunsukh Wangdu from Ladakh, and he is embarking on a fast unto death. But why?

1. Lack of democracy in Ladakh:
In 2019, Ladakh and Kashmir were designated as Union Territories (UTs). However, while Jammu-Kashmir was granted UT status with a legislature, Ladakh was designated as a UT without a legislature. This means that the people of Ladakh cannot vote to choose their own leaders, unlike in Delhi or Puducherry.

2. Geographic sensitivity:
Ladakh is a desert region and a sensitive area. Excessive industrial activities could lead to a severe water crisis for the local population.

3. Demand for the Sixth Schedule:
The Sixth Schedule is seen as a solution to these problems. With over 90% of Ladakh's population being tribal, this schedule provides tribal communities with protection and rights over their land laws, public health, agriculture, and other laws. There have been protests in Ladakh demanding the implementation of the Sixth Schedule.

What is your opinion on this? Should Ladakh's demands be met?

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